Anandhi Iyappan

Anandhi Iyappan


Anandhi is a hardcore science enthusiast driven with an unwavering love for patient healthcare and treatment. She has a bachelors in Microbiology (Bachelors) and masters in Bioinformatics. She did her PhD on applied neuroscience and the topic titled "Semantic data modelling of multi-omic data integration in neurodegenerative diseases (NDD)". Anandhi is currently working as a data and metadata standards officer where she is a coordinator of The German Human Genome-Phenome Archive metadata group which helps  in developing a national infrastructure for human genomic and other omics data.

With her background in semantic knowledge modelling and expertise in metadata management, Anandhi brings in the necessary experience in leading and guiding FAIR based projects. She can also provide consultative services for developing data infrastructure across different domains (health). Anandhi can also conduct webinars and provide training on FAIR principle based practices and to support with outreach to bring awareness on importance of semantic data to a larger research community.