Antonio Novellino

Antonio Novellino


Antonio Novellino has a PhD in Biotechnology and Bioengineering, as well as a MSc Biomedical Engineering. He is a certified Data Scientist and a member of the EuroGOOS DATAMEQ group and contributes to several EuroGOOS Task Teams for advising on operational oceanography data management procedures and standards. He is member of the SOOS DMSC (South Ocean Observing System Data Management Steering Committee) and DOOS DMTT (Deep Ocean Observing System Data Management Technical Team). He serves on the EMODnet Steering Committee, the EMODnet Technical Working Group and is also part of the Expert Team on WIS Centres (ET-WISC) and Task Team on Data Centres (TT-DC).

Antonio started working on EMODnet (past 12 years) with the main goal to make data 2-3 clicks away from the users. The first milestone was to have an easy-to-use portal that was integrating European (and Global) effort for marine data collection (Accessibility and Findability), a second was to have tools to synchronize different sources into a single system and let the people to download these data (Reusability) a third milestone was to enable machine-to-machine connections (Interoperability) via SOAP and REST API, and lately by adopting open data sharing tools (EMODnet Physics was one of the first European project to use ERDDAP, offer an ERDDAP docker, support new data producers to share data). Antonio is pushing for the adoption of CC and in particular CC-BY license on data (together with some key metadata and controlled vocabularies to award and cite the PI - ORCID, Institute - EDMO, supporting program - EDMERP). Antonio is actively participating to data management committee promoting and writing on these concepts.