Camilla Hagen Blixhavn

Camilla Hagen Blixhavn
University of Oslo


Camilla is a PhD student in Neuroinformatics at the University of Oslo, Norway. Her PhD project titled: "Towards FAIR and Open neuroscience: Integrating multimodal and multilevel experimental data using brain reference atlases" aims to pilot and demonstrate new approaches to sharing and using experimental neuroscience data via the large-scale EBRAINS infrastructure for open sharing of organized and 
curated research, established by the Human Brain Project (HBP). Camilla has previously contributed as researcher, data curator, and team coordinator for the HBP. She has experience from practical management of the HBP curation team, communication with international project participants, development of workflows, tutorials, and courses in digital brain atlasing and neuroinformatics.

In addition, Camilla has contributed to creative processes and graphical design, as well as actively participating in the public dissemination work of HBP and EBRAINS. She has a BSc in Biology, a MSc in Neuroscience and didactic education in the natural sciences all from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).  Since 2017, Camilla has been involved with the development of a FAIR data sharing service for the neurosciences as part of her work as a researcher in the Neural Systems Laboratory at the University of Oslo, Norway. The data sharing service has been live since 2018, and is available from the EBRAINS infrastructure at

From 2018-2020, she worked as a team coordinator for the HBP Data Curation team in Oslo. Additionally involved with the project’s High-Level Support Team, outreach, web UX and dissemination strategies. In 2019, Camilla travelled all over Europe (and Chicago for the largest international neuroscience conference) to give talks and hold workshops on open science and FAIR data sharing. Then she applied and was accepted to do a PhD in Neuroinformatics. In 2020, Camilla started a science communication channel on instagram called

In 2021, she was accepted to the Scandinavian School of Health Innovation and completed two PhD level courses where she worked on improving her dissemination skills in general and specifically on developing business plans for ideas that spring out from my PhD work on FAIR data sharing, data interpretation and data findability. Camilla is motivated about open science and FAIR data sharing, and eager to contribute to improved practices through her PhD work.