Susanna-Assunta Sansone

Susanna Assunta Sansone
Oxford e-Research Centre
United Kingdom


Since 2001, Susanna operates in the area of data interoperability, research integrity and the evolution of scholarly publishing, working with and for researchers, service providers, journal publishers, library science experts, funders and learned societies in the academic as well as in the commercial and governmental setting. With her group at the University of Oxford she: (i) enables science by investigating and implementing methods, standards and tools to improve data curation and publication; (ii) influences data policies by leading and promoting guiding principles for data management and stewardship to support data reuse; (iii) prepares the new generation of scientists by creating and delivering educational material, to address the glaring lack of courses in these specialized subjects.

She has initiated and participated in a variety of community activities across disciplines, seating on journal editorial (e.g. Nature's Scientific Data) and organizational boards (e.g. Dryad, RDA TAB, Centre of Open Science), co-chairing groups (e.g. RDA FAIRsharing WG), fostering community work (e.g. Terms4FAIRskills), and being a member of community-driven formal groups (e.g. ISO, EOSC FAIR Metrics and Data Quality Task Force). She is active in all disciplines, with a focus in the life science, for example, she co-leads the ELIXIR Interoperability Platform.