Engaging researchers with FAIR-ness

The "FAIR Implementation Workshop - Engaging researchers with FAIRness" took place on 2 February 2024 10:00-12:00 CET. Note: Registration for the workshop was free but mandatory.

The aim of this workshop was to introduce methods for supporting the engagement of research communities in the FAIR data movement, both as data producers and users. The focus is on the importance of national level initiatives and policies. Drawing from a span of different experiences, including the EOSC 'Researcher Engagement & Adoption Task Force (REA TF), the workshop shared insights on engaging research communities. The challenges at both EOSC and the national level are similar, requiring the engagement of diverse stakeholders from various scientific communities with distinct approaches to research data. The workshop includes discussions on potential methodologies that can be implemented to effectively communicate with a wide-ranging community and activity involve them in the dynamic of FAIR data.




10:00 Introduction Suzanne Dumouchel, CNRS
10:10 Engaging researchers with FAIRness - part one Sverker Holmgren, EOSC Association 
10:55 Engaging researchers with FAIRness - part two  Sverker Holmgren, EOSC Association 
11:50 Next steps Suzanne Dumouchel, CNRS



Sverker Holmgren (EOSC Association) has been recruited in 2020 by Chalmers University of Technology (Göteborg, Sweden) as the Director of Chalmers e-Infrastructure Commons. Chalmers e-Commons is a recently initiated digital research infrastructure, implementing and/or providing access to the full spectrum of services needed by Chalmers researchers using a data-centric approach. E-Commons is also the local interface towards national and international e-infrastructure and data initiatives. He is appointed as the Chalmers Delegate to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Council and the Chalmers representative in the European university network CESAER´s Working Group on Open Science.

Engaging researchers with FAIRness
FAIR Implementation workshops
02 February 2024